" We look after our customers! "

As a leading provider of affordable web hosting since 2002, the UnitHosting team's unmatched expertise enables us to provide the most reliable, robust and stable hosting for our customers' websites.

With collectively more than 2 years in the hosting business, we understand hosting technology better than anybody, and that shows in our services, support, infrastructure, systems and network stability.

You get more for your money at UnitHosting. We combine the most advanced hosting services to give you complete flexibility, control and reliability for your website. Ultimately, UnitHosting's value is in our experience, experience that we prove by providing the features you need, at a price point that makes sense, backed with service and support to ensure your success.

Our datacenter (ThePlanet) is implemented through a high-speed network specifically designed for web hosting services. ThePlanet has invested in both network equipment and backbone connections to ensure that customers get the fastest access possible to their content and applications.

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