The Planet internal network architecture utilizes the Enterprise routing and
switching engines from Juniper and Cisco. We utilize Juniper M20 routers as
border routers, Cisco 6500 series switches in our distribution layer, Cisco
6500 and 5500 switches in our aggregation layers, and Cisco 3500 and 2900
series switches at the customer layer. Our network is fully meshed and
redundant with 6 backbone providers. Our current network consists of, UUNet
(GigE), Level 3 (GigE), Time Warner (GigE), Global Crossing (GigE), Verio
(GigE), and ATT (DS3).
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Hurricane Electric's national backbone is ranked among the top in the nation.
Connections ranging from OC48s (2.4 Gbps) to gigabit ethernet (1,000 Mbps) form
rings around the nation connecting Hurricane core routers at several major
exchange points.
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GNAX network architecture is a complete Cisco product and is a Cisco Certified
Network. We utilize fully redundant Cisco 7500 (redundant routers and redundant
cards within the router) at the core and state of the art 3550 L3 switch /
routers as border routers. To further maximize redundancy we utilize
distributed 2924 XL EN switches to ensure that single chasis failure will have
minimum downtime effects on our servers unlike many of our competition who
aggregate hundreds of servers in a single chasis based switch like the 6500 or
5500 which if it fails its cpu or power it takes down many customers. This
approach gives us maximum power failure protection and switch failure
protection to distribute the load and risk.
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