01. Usage Policy
02. Amendment
03. Term; Termination; Cancellation Policy
04. Billing and Payment
05. UnitHosting as Reseller or Licensor
06. IP Address Ownership
07. Caching
08. CPU Usage
09. Bandwidth and Disk Usage
10. Property Rights
11. Customer Website; ECommerce; Customer Warranties
12. Disclaimer of Warranty
13. Indemnification
14. Limitation of Liability
15. Force Majeure
16. Goerning Law; Jurisdiction; Arbitration
17. Assignment
18. Entire Agreement; Severability

Violatioin of Intellectual Property Rights
Our Policies (CPU, Bandwidth Usage/Mail Relay/Abuse Complaints)
Misrepresentation of Transmission Information
Viruses and Other Destructive Activities
Export Control Violations
Child Pornography
Other Illegal Activities
Obscene, Defamatory, Abusive or Threatening Language
Other Activities
Copyright Notice Infringement Information

Hosting Service
Dedicated IP
Domain Registration

Personal Data Transmission Are Encrypted
Confidentiality of Personal Information
Policy Changes
Cookie Policy Statement
Cookies For Improving Our Website
Cookies For Customer Account Management

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